There are two ways to share your reports:
  • Email from the app

  • Download from the internet

Email a report

First, I’ll show you how to email a report. Once you’ve generated a report:

  1. Tap Share at the bottom right

  2. From here, you can enter recipients emails and/or email it to yourself

  3. Tap on the icon that is circle with a + in it

  4. Choose contacts from your device to send the report to

  5. Tap Send and you’re done

Download report PDF

The second way to share a report, is by downloading it from Happy Manage. From your computer:

  1. Go to Happy.Co and log in

  2. Click on Let’s Get Started

  3. Click on your folder to see its contents expand

  4. Click on Reports

  5. Find and open your report

  6. Download the report by clicking the download icon at the top right of the page.

And those are the two ways that you can share reports: emailing and downloading.

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