In this tutorial, I’ll show you our scoring feature and how you can use it in your inspections.

To start:

  1. Tap your initials in the lower left corner of the menu

  2. Tap Settings then make sure Edit Templates is turned ON

Now, pick the template you want to add scores to.

  1. Tap Edit

  2. Tap Edit Outline

  3. Tap Edit Ratings in the bottom center, you’ll be shown all the ratings that are used in this template.

Radio group scores

For example, I’ll start at the top in the Radio Group. Now, I’m going to give a different score for each option. For each section, you’ll want to decide if a higher score corresponds to negative or positive condition, and set your scores accordingly.

In this tutorial, high scores will be positive and low scores will be negative. For Yes, I’ll add a score of 50, and for No, I’ll add a score of 0. This means that, in the inspection, if I rate this item Yes, then it will receive a score of 50/50 and if I select No, I’d receive a score of 0/50.

Checkbox scores

For the next rating group, I have 3 checkboxes. So, I’m going to give each a score of 10. The way the checkbox works, is that each one selected will add ten points to the total score, which will be out of 30.

Pop-up menu scores

Now, let’s add ratings to a pop-up menu. I'll give different scores to each rating. I’ll give Good 30, Fair 20 and Poor 0.

The total score possible for this type of rating is based off the highest score in the drop-down options. So, if I were to choose Fair, the score would be 20/30. Now that I’ve added my scores, I can click Done to finish and save the changes I’ve made.

Check out our resources and videos on report settings to learn how to customize reports with scores.

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