Another way to customize your reports is to create customized ratings.

To do this:

  1. Tap Edit in the left bottom corner

  2. Tap the item you’d like to change the ratings for

  3. Tap Copy & Edit if you’re on an iPhone, or if you’re on an iPad, tap the + sign

  4. Tap on the ratings that currently exist, and here you’ll see selections for ratings that already exist in the template that you can choose, or if you tap the + sign, you can scroll through the different rating types available.

There are three different rating types, and each one is used a little differently.

  • Checkbox ratings can be used when more than one answer may apply

  • Radio Group ratings require an either/or selection

  • Pop-Up Menus require you to select one item from a dropdown list

I’ll show you how to add a Pop-Up Menu rating.

  1. Add the Label, for example: Condition

  2. And the values that we set will be the options in our drop-down list. For example, OK, Good, Clean, Dirty, N/A

  3. When you’ve picked which one you’d like to add, tap on it and you’ll be able to customize even further

  4. Here you can modify the label, or the text underneath the rating

  5. You can also change the colors and the wording that shows up after you’ve made a selection

  6. Once you have it just the way you want it, tap Done

  7. You’ll be taken back to the Choose Ratings screen

  8. Continue to fill out any other information you’d like to add

  9. Tap Done, and you’ll see your new rating committed to the template

Now you can go on to the app or online and add the rating you’ve just created any other item in the template.

You can create as many ratings as you like, and they will all be available in the Choose Ratings screen for you to utilize when appropriate.

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