This article will cover how to extend your current schedule or copy a previous day/week to a future date for the On-call schedule.


Extending the Schedule

  • Once you have logged into the Call Complete portal, navigate to the On-Call Schedule page

  • On the schedule, hover over the day in the On-Call calendar until you see a lightning bolt icon

  • Click and hold the icon as you drag across the calendar over the days this schedule needs to be extended to

  • Release on the last day this schedule should be active



Copying a Day or Week

  • To copy a schedule, select the 3 vertical dot icon

    • If you are copying an entire week, select the first day of the week you would like to copy

  • Select Copy - This Day’s Schedule or Copy - This Week’s Schedule in the drop down menu

  • Go to the day/week that needs to be scheduled and click the 3 vertical dot icon

  • Select the Paste - (Date Range) in the drop down menu


**You can make individual edits to any day by clicking the 3 vertical dot icon and selecting Update Schedule

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