This article covers how to create an On-Call Schedule and split coverage time between staff members.


Creating the Schedule

  • First, log into the Call Complete portal here

  • Click on the On-Call Schedule tab on the left side of the navigation bar.

  • Once on the Schedule page, you can scroll to the appropriate week or use the arrows on the upper right corner of the calendar to cycle between months

  • Hover over the day you wish to schedule until you see a 3 vertical dot icon in the upper right corner of that square

  • Click the icon and select Add Schedule


  • Enter the time shift within the Set Time section 
  • In order to have 100% coverage for the day, the end time will need to be manually typed

    • Example: If the start time is 12:00 am, type "12a" into the end time and hit the tab key to set the end time to 11:59 pm


  • Add the on-call maintenance tech to the First,call section by selecting their name from the drop down menu
  • Click the Save button in the lower right corner


Splitting Shifts

  • If the schedule has already been created, click on the 3 vertical dot icon and select Update Schedule

  • Next, select the the Add Time button in the lower left corner

  • Enter the Set Time and name for the additional maintenance tech

    • Be sure to check the Daily Coverage bar is at 100% to ensure your schedule accounts for 24 hours


  • Click the Save button in the lower right corner
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