How do I set up the MRI Integration?

Step 1: Submit a request via myMRI Client Portal
You will need to request to “enable HappyCo Inspection Module” and grant access to
the following endpoints:

MRI_S-PMRM_PropertyIDByNameOrAddress MRI_S-PMRM_ResidentialServiceRequests
MRI_S-PMRM_ResidentialBuildings MRI_S-PMRM_CreateResidentialServiceRequests
MRI_S-PMRM_ResidentLeaseDetailsByProperty MRI_S-PMRM_CreateServiceRequests
MRI_S-PMRM_ResidentialUnitAvailability MRI_S-PMFM_WorkOrderEmployees
MRI_S-PMRM_Inspections MRI_S-PMFM_WorkOrderTypes
MRI_S-PMRM_InspectionsUpdate MRI_S-PMFM_WorkOrderSubTypes
MRI_S-PMRM_ResidentialUnits MRI_S-PMFM_WorkOrderActions
MRI_S-PMRM_UpdateUnitMakeReady MRI_S-PMRM_CloseResidentialServiceRequests


Step 2: Provide Login Details
To access your MRI instance, we will need the following information:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Client ID
  • Database
  • URL

Once we receive these credentials, we can confirm that we have the necessary access to complete the remaining setup by the HappyCo team.

Any HappyCo Admin can activate new properties directly through under your Property Provisioning Portal tab.


Looking for more information on how the integration works?

HappyCo's MRI Integration Guide →

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