How do I set up the Yardi Integration?

Follow the steps below to set up your connection with HappyCo. Once completed, your Pro Services contact will have access to the necessary credentials needed to complete the integration on the HappyCo side.

  • Install the ‘HappyCo Service Request’ package
    • Configure two interfaces (Common/Resident Data & Service Request) with our same package HappyCo Service Request (HappyCo9).
  • Configure security group permissions
    • Ensure security group that the new HappyCo vendor user belongs to has Read & Write permissions to the two interfaces below:
    • Web Service - Common Data
    • Web Service - Resident Data
  • Select attachment type from Yardi - Common Data Interface Configuration
  • Make sure the new HappyCo user has access to the full property list so we can activate the properties in HappyCo

We need the following information from you:

HappyCo will now have a successful connection with the property groups/properties that you’ve selected.

Looking for more information on how the integration works?

HappyCo's Yardi Integration Guide →

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