How do I set up the AppFolio Integration?

Follow the steps below to set up your connection with HappyCo. Once completed, your Pro Services contact will have access to the necessary IDs needed to complete the integration on the HappyCo side.

  • Log in to your AppFolio portal

  • Navigate to AppFolio Stack Marketplace

  • Navigate to HappyCo and click manage connection

  • Edit connection settings: Add property groups or properties you’d like to integrate with HappyCo

    • Please only select properties that you would like to integrate between the two platforms. Any properties that are selected will be subject to billing

    • Properties can be added/removed at any time as long as these changes are communicated with the HappyCo team

    • If you do not see your properties available within the HappyCo provisioning portal to order, please double check that the desired properties have been added to the correct property group (if applicable) within AppFolio. 
  • Please note: Ensure that vendor trade for all work orders isn't set to null

  • Your connection will have a status of connection pending

  • Pro Services contact will be able to reference IDs for set up

  • Status will go from connection pending to connected

HappyCo will now have a successful connection with the property groups/properties that you’ve selected.

Any HappyCo 'Admin' can activate new properties directly through under your Property Provisioning Portal tab. Just make sure that each new property has been added to HappyCo within the AppFolio Stack Marketplace.

Looking for more information on how the integration works?

HappyCo's AppFolio Integration Guide →

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