This articles covers how to locate your call forwarding number and instructions for setting it up with your phone provider.


To locate your Call Forwarding number, follow these steps:

  • Once you have logged into Call Complete, click on the Settings tab

  • Select the Call Forwarding option


  • The call forwarding number will be displayed on the left side of this screen

    • Each property will have it's own unique Call Complete number


To automatically forward unanswered calls to your answering service:

  • Call your phone provider (for example, AT&T, Vonage, etc.)

    • Please have your account number ready

  • Ask to activate No Answer Forwarding to [Forwarding Number]

  • Tell your phone provider the number of rings before forwarding the call (we recommend 3-4 rings)

    • No Answer Forwarding will give you the opportunity to pick up the call within the first 3-4 rings

    • The call will automatically get forwarded to your answering service if no one picks up after 3-4 rings

  • You’re all set!

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