What is Admin Center?

Admin Center is an account management application that empowers account administrators to create and manage users, manage access, permissions, and roles, and manage integrations with external vendors and data centers. Additionally, Admin Center allows administrators to manage SCIM, SSO, billing, and more.

Accessing Admin Center

To access Admin Center your HappyCo account must have Administrator privileges.

If you are an Administrator, you can access the Admin Center through your Settings in the Manage web interface.

Settings can be accessed using the gear icon in the upper right corner of the Manage interface:

When viewing the Settings page, the Admin Center can then be accessed from the left side pane menu:

Features in Admin Center

I. User Bulk Upload Feature

The User Bulk Upload feature in Admin Center allows  administrators to create multiple user accounts in their account efficiently. Customers can upload a CSV file containing the required information, such as email, first name, last name, and phone number, for each user they want to add.

For more information on the User Bulk Upload Feature, please refer to this Help Center document:

II. Custom Role Management

Custom Role Management is a feature that empowers Admin and User Manager roles within our customer organizations to manage roles and their associated permissions. These roles have the ability to edit permissions for existing roles, create new roles by duplicating existing ones, and manage the names and descriptions of roles within their account.

For more information on the Custom Role Management Feature, please refer to this Help Center document:

III. Integration Management

Integration Management in Admin Center enables users to enter and manage credentials for Property Management Systems (PMS) with which we have developed integrations. It allows users to select a supported PMS for integration and provides a form to input specific credential information required for authorization between the PMS and HappyCo.

For more information on the Integration Management Feature, please refer to this Help Center document:


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