What is Custom Role Management in Admin Center?

Custom Role Management is a feature that empowers Admin and User Manager roles to manage roles and their associated permissions. These roles have the ability to edit permissions for existing roles, create new roles by duplicating existing ones, and manage the names and descriptions of roles within their account.


How does Custom Role Management work?

With Custom Role Management, administrators can select from a list of permissions to create or modify roles. The permissions are available in an "a la carte" style, allowing administrators to choose the specific permissions they want to assign to a role.

To access the Custom Role Management Feature first ensure you're logged in as an administrator and have navigated to the Admin Center from your Settings in Manage. 

Next, click Roles using the button on the left side pane menu:


By default the standard four user roles will be available for viewing and customization:

For an overview of default roles, please refer to this Help Center article:
Team Member Roles: An Overview and How to Update Roles

To create a new role: select New Role using the button in the upper right corner of the interface:

From there, you may choose a deault role or an already existing custom role to use as a basis for a new custom role:

You may then enter a name for the new role, and select from the list of permissions you would like to grant it. When finished, select Add Role using the button in the bottom right:

Existing roles can be duplicated using the main interface with the overflow menu (vertical three dot icon on the far right):

Can roles created with Custom Role Management be shared across different organizations or accounts?

No, roles created with Custom Role Management are specific to the organization or account within which they are created. They cannot be shared or transferred to other organizations or accounts.

Note: It is crucial to review and test the permissions assigned to each role to ensure they align with the intended access levels and responsibilities. Our customer support channels are available to assist and address any questions or concerns regarding the functionality and impact of permissions.

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