What is the User Bulk Upload feature in Admin Center?

The User Bulk Upload feature in Admin Center allows our customers to create multiple user accounts in their account efficiently. Customers can upload a CSV file containing the required information, such as email, first name, last name, and phone number, for each user they want to add.


How does the User Bulk Upload feature work?

To use the User Bulk Upload feature, customers need to prepare a CSV file with the necessary user information in the specified format. They can then navigate to the Bulk Upload section in Admin Center, select the CSV file, and initiate the upload process. The feature will validate the formatting and information within the CSV file.

To access the User Bulk Upload Feature first ensure you're logged in as an administrator and have navigated to the Admin Center from your Settings in Manage. 

Next, ensure you are viewing your user list using the button on the left side pane menu:

To download the CSV, use the overflow menu (vertical three dot icon) next to the user search bar and select Download CSV Template:


Once the CSV has been filled out, you may use the 'Import Users' option shown above and select the filled-out CSV file from your PC to upload:


What happens if errors are detected during the User Bulk Upload?

If errors are detected in the formatting or the information provided within the CSV file, the User Bulk Upload tool will list the errors for the user. It will prompt them to correct the errors before proceeding with the upload. To achieve a successful Bulk Upload, users should review and correct the errors indicated by the tool and then attempt the upload again.

What information is required in the CSV file for the User Bulk Upload?

For a successful User Bulk Upload, the CSV file must contain the following required information for each user: email, first name, last name, and phone number. Customers should ensure that the CSV file is properly formatted and includes valid data in these fields.

Does the User Bulk Upload feature support assigning roles or property access during the upload process?

No, the User Bulk Upload feature does not currently support bulk creating users with specified roles or property access. After the bulk upload, customers can use the Admin Center's user management capabilities to assign roles and property access individually to the created users as needed.


Is there a limit to the number of users that can be uploaded using the User Bulk Upload feature?

The User Bulk Upload feature supports uploading 500 simultaneously.

Note: The User Bulk Upload feature simplifies the process of creating multiple user accounts simultaneously by uploading a CSV file. However, it's important to review the data and ensure its accuracy before attempting the upload to avoid any errors or issues during the process.

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