This article covers how to start a new inspection in Manage or in app.

Starting a new Inspection in Manage

  • Log into Manage and select your property folder
  • Select the Inspections tab on the left under Apps

  • Once on the Inspections page, click the New Inspection button in the upper right corner
  • This will open a window on the right to enter the inspection details
  • Select your Template and Location (unit)
  • The inspection will default to Scheduled: Today
  • You can alter the Scheduled date, Due Date, and Assignee in this screen as well
    - If a due date is selected, you can also toggle on the option to expire the inspection once past due

Starting a new Inspection using the app

  • The quickest way to start an inspection is by using Create Inspection feature in the app
  • To use this you need to begin by tapping on the + icon that shows in the right bottom corner
  • Once you have tapped the icon, select Create an Inspection
  • Select the Location where the inspection is taking place and the corresponding template from the What type of inspection is it? field
  • Tap on Start Inspection
  • If an identical inspection type exists for the selected location, you will be prompted to Continue to that inspection (recommended) or create a duplicate inspection
    • Please note, creating a duplicate inspection may cause issues when syncing to a PMS where an identical inspection already exists

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