This article covers how to add and delete photos to a HappyCo Inspection on iOS and Android devices.

Taking Photos in App

  • Take photos by tapping on the camera icon on the right-hand side of the inspection screen
  • This will open a camera window and allow you to take as many photos as is required
  • Tap the white button to take photos
    • You should hear the camera’s shutter click if sound is enabled
  • Zoom by pinching the screen
  • Change flash options by tapping the lightning icon
  • Change the camera from the front camera to the back camera by tapping the arrows
  • View the photos you’ve taken so far by tapping the photos icon in the bottom left corner of the screen
  • Close the camera on iPhone by tapping the white tick at the lower right (if you have taken pictures), or the white cross if no pictures have been taken
  • Closing the camera will take you back to the inspection screen, where the camera icon will have a green badge with the number of photos for that item


Adding photos from your Photo Library on iOS

  • If you have existing photos you want to add to the inspection, tap on the camera icon to open the camera window
  • The tap the landscape icon on the lower left corner of the camera window
  • Next, tap the Library button on the bottom left
  • Select the photo you wish to add
  • Confirm by tapping the checkmark up the top right

Deleting Photos from Items

  • If you're still in the camera window, tap on the photos icon down the lower left
  • Tap Select up the top right and choose the photos you wish to delete
  • Then tap the delete button can down the lower right
  • Confirm you wish to delete the photos then tap the back button up the top left to return to either the camera window or the inspection

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