This Help Article covers:

  • Adding Notes to Items
  • Editing and Deleting Notes
  • Adding Notes to Items using Voice-to-Text

Adding Notes to Items

To add notes to items, from your inspection tap on the icon on the far right of the item.

This will open up the notes screen.

Here you can type the notes for the item using your device keyboard.

When you’ve completed the notes you would like to add, tap the done button to save the note against the item.

Editing and Deleting Notes

To remove previous notes from an item, tap on the greyed notes icon.

In the notes screen edit/delete the notes previously written.

Tap the done button to save the changes.

Tapping the cross up the top left, closes the notes screen without saving the changes.

Adding notes to your items

Adding Notes to Items using Voice-to-Text

You can save a lot of time typing your notes by tapping the microphone icon on your device’s keyboard and speaking your notes using voice-to-text. On iOS, and most of Android, this is to the left of the spacebar.

For best results using this feature use short phrases and speak your punctuation.

Please note **your device needs to be connected to the internet to use this feature.

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