This Help Article covers:

  • Adding Items during an Inspection
  • Removing an Item during an Inspection

Adding Items during an Inspection

To insert a new item into a section, tap Insert Item at the bottom of the section you would like to add the item.

Enter the name of the item you would like to add.

You can also add notes for reference that only internal team members will see.

A default rating set will be added to the item which is the same rating set as the final item in the section, or can select another rating set for the item by tapping the chevron (>) to the right of the rating set and selecting another set from the inspection.

Once you've finished entering the details of the item, tap the Add Item button to return to the inspection and rate the new item.

Removing an Item during an Inspection

To remove an item from a section, tap the edit button to enter the Editing Layout screen.

This is the Pen and Paper icon at the very bottom of the inspection, the left most icon. In the Editing Layout screen tap on items you would like to delete, and then tap Remove to remove items from the section.

Close the Editing Layout screen by tapping Leave Editing on the bottom right of screen.

This change will only remove the items you've deleted. If there are items with the same name in similar sections, these will remain in the inspection until you delete this item as well. For example deleting the item Windows from one bedroom will not remove Windows from all other rooms.

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