How to add new users, edit their details, reset their passwords, Assign a Role, and manage access to Folders.


Adding A New User

You can add a new User through the Users tab under Settings when you log in to Each person who uses the Inspections app will require their own log in:

  • If you're an account Admin, log in to and click the Settings icon (it looks like a gear) in the top right.

  • Next click Users on the left menu under Admin

  • Click the New User button at the top right

  • Enter the user's details: full name, short name(display name), email, phone number

  • Select the user's Role

  • Click Advanced Settings to write a personalized welcome message

  • Click the Create User button in the lower right corner



A user's role determine exactly which functions the user is able to perform and what features they have access to in HappyCo. There are currently four main Roles, and depending on your plan you may have access to three.

Full edit access to the entire team account, with access to all properties and billing.

  • Manage your team account

  • Manage properties/folders

  • Manage regions

  • Manage workflows

Process Manager
Ideal for users who need greater editing access, and the ability to cancel inspections and projects.  Inherits all permissions under the Standard role. Large companies may have many Process Managers.

  • Limited inspection template editing

    • Must have access to all properties where the template is shared, in order to edit.

  • Create and edit locations on a property/folder

  • Delete and expire inspections

  • Re-open and edit a completed inspection

  • Delete reports

  • Cancel projects

Suitable for most users that work at a property. Inherits all permissions under the Limited role.  

  • Create new inspections

  • Edit Snaptext phrases (iOS only)

  • Add/remove sections and items in a specific inspection

  • Create and share inspection reports

  • Create and edit tasks

  • Create and edit projects

Limited to performing and working on tasks.   

  • Perform inspections

    • Inspection must first be scheduled, in order for a Limited User to perform the inspection.

  • Create and view reports

  • View and comment on tasks

  • View project board


For a full comparison, please reference the below table:

These roles can be customized if required.  Please speak with our support team for further information.


Updating the Role of a Team Member

To change a user’s Role, log into Happy Manage and go to Users tab in Settings:

  • Click on the User you wish to update

  • Click the Role Management tab to select the role

  • Click the Save button in the lower right corner


Resetting Your Team's Passwords

If a team member has any issues logging in, it might be worth having them double-check their email details are correct and as a last resort, resetting their password.

  • To start, select the User you'd like to update the password for

  • Click the User Details tab

  • Choose the Set Temporary Password option and enter details


Managing Folder Access

Your data will be held in Folders, so you'll need to give your Users access. To give an individual user access to a folder:

  • To start, select the User you'd like to update the password for

  • Click the Property Access tab

  • Click the checkmark for the folders you would like them to have access to

  • You can scroll to find properties, or use the Search bar in this tab to search for a specific property



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