Note: Please do not delete the app, even if manually backing up your data unless instructed by a HappyCo team member 


Manually downloading your data is a way to back up your data if you've run in to a situation where you aren't able to sync your app.


To back up your data, you will need access to the following:


  1. The device with your Inspections account

  2. A desktop computer running macOS Catalina (10.15), iTunes on Windows 10 or iTunes on macOS Mojave.

  3. A cord to connect your device to the desktop

The first step you will want to take is to create a new folder on your desktop, where you will save the files to. Name this '{Your Business Name] HI Data'.


macOS Catalina (OS X 10.15)

Connect your device to your computer, unlock your device and tap “Trust,” then enter your passcode when prompted, and open up a Finder window. 


On the left of the window, your device will appear in the sidebar under Locations, click on your device and this screen will appear.


Select the Files tab and open the Inspector menu


Select all of the files


and drag them into the folder


macOS Mojave and older (OS X 10.14 and older) and iTunes for Windows

You can now connect your device to your computer, and open up iTunes. Click the Device icon, which can typically found in the top left. This will display all the information about the device.


Under the Settings menu, click the File Sharing tab to view all the apps currently installed on the device that have the ability to share files across to your desktop. Scroll down until you see the Inspections icon labeled 'Inspector'. This is where you will be able to find all the data stored in the Inspections app (note: the video above shows this under the App menu item as it's the previous version of iTunes - just make sure you're looking for File Sharing 😌).


Click on the Inspector icon, and you will see the files in the window on the right labeled Inspector Documents. Highlight all the files in this window, and click Save To in the bottom right. In the save window, navigate to the Desktop and select the '{Your Business Name] HI Data' folder you created. 


Click Save To and your inspection data will be backed up to the file, including all your photos which may make the file size fairly large. 


Sending your data to HappyCo

If we have requested that you send this to us, be sure to compress it for easier uploading. Right click on the folder, and click Compress. You can send your compressed filed through a file sharing site like Dropbox or Google Drive.


Note: Please do not delete the app, even if manually backing up your data unless instructed by a HappyCo team member.


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