FAQ: Managing Passwords, User Details and Access to Your Properties


Hello! This article helps Inspections admins understand some frequently-asked questions around changing team members' info, passwords and more.

How can I reset my password?

Through the mobile app:

  • Tap the "forgot password" button at the login screen

  • Check your email (junk folders, too) for a message from support@happyco.com

  • Follow the instructions in the email and you're all set

Through the homepage:

  • Head to happy.co and click "sign in" in the upper right-hand corner

  • Once in Happy Manage, click in the lower-left corner where your name is displayed

  • Your profile screen will show up, and you can change your password

  • Click the "update profile" button and you're all set!

How do I edit my team members' details?

To change team member information...


  • First, head to the Settings tab in the lower-left of your screen

  • To edit team members' details, click on the Users option

  • From there, you can edit name, email, and phone number information

How do I update team members' passwords?

  • First, click on the Settings tab in the lower-left of your screen

  • Click on the Users option

  • Click on the name of the user whose password you would like to change

  • Then, click the Action button (3 vertical dots) in the top right

  • Click "reset password"

  • You can choose a password for the team member and simply click "Reset." However, you'll need to send them that new password information

  • Or, leave the field blank and click "Reset." This way, an email will automatically be sent to the user allowing them to choose their own new password

Here's more information if you need it.


How do I add new users?

  • Head to the Settings tab in the lower-left of your screen

  • Click on the blue "Create New User" button at the top right

  • Fill out the details for the new user and click "Add User"

  • You're all set! An email will be sent to the new user

P.S. If you're using Inspections from one of our older plan types, this may affect your pricing. If you're not sure if this applies, please submit a request.


How do I change the roles of my team members?

Want to change what a user can and cannot do in the app?

  • Log in to Happy Manage from our homepage, happy.co

  • Click on the Settings tab

  • Click on the user whose role you want to adjust

  • Click on their current role. A dropdown will appear to let you select a new role

  • Once you're done clicking, the change will be applied immediately

I'm the Inspections admin at my company, what are folders?

Folders are a way of managing your units or properties in Inspections. If you're in multifamily, a folder will usually be one of your communities and underneath your folder will be listed your community's units.

If you're in single family property management, your folders will be portfolios of properties under management, maybe based on Property Manager or regions.

As the admin you can restrict your team's access to your account by managing the folders they work out of.


How do I manage access to my properties?

First, a little context: under the default setting, everyone in the company has access to properties. But, Happy Manage is the right place to change that! Simply log in and…


  • Click through to the property where you want to change permissions

  • Click the action button (three dots) in the upper right

  • Select "Edit property access."

  • Select the user whose access you want to change

  • Click the checkmark next to the properties you want them to access

  • Click "done" to apply changes

One thing to keep in mind: if a team member's property access is revoked while they still have an inspection in progress that has been uploaded off their device, they may receive some warnings in their mobile app. If this happens, grant them temporary access until all the data is uploaded. Then, restrict access again.


How do I change the name of my properties?

Not a problem! Login in to Happy Manage from our homepage, happy.co.

  • Click on the property whose name you want to change

  • In the folder overview, click "rename this folder"

  • You're all set with a new name!

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