How do I rate an item?

  • Select the rating (i.e "yes/no" or "good") on the left-hand side of the inspection screen.

  • The rating will light up and change color to indicate it's been selected.

How do I undo a rating?

  • Tap on the rating again, and you'll see the rating turn gray to show it's been de-selected.

How do I quickly rate everything in a section or the whole inspection?

So far, this is just available only for iOS. To make it happen:


  • Tap and hold on a check box radio-button rating. This allows you to quickly rate all of the same type of ratings in either the section or whole inspection.

  • If you rate too many items, you can undo this by tapping and holding again.

How do I take photos during an inspection?

  • Tap on the camera icon on the right side of the inspection. This will open the camera and let you start taking photos.

How do I add existing photos from my camera roll?

  • After you tap the camera icon and your camera opens, select the library option to choose images from your camera roll or gallery.

How do I close the camera and go back to the inspection?

On an iPhone:

  • Tap the white cross icon to close the camera window.


On an Android phone:

  • Tap the Android back button. If you’re on an iPhone tap the white cross to close the camera window.


For iPads and Android tablets, tapping anywhere outside the camera will close the camera and get you back to the inspection.

How do I delete photos from an item?

  • With the camera window open, tap on the photos on the lower left.

  • Tap the gray camera icon on the photo.

  • The item's photo screen will pop up and you can tap Select on the top left to choose which photos you want to delete.

  • Then, tap the trash can icon.

How do I add notes to the item? Can I say them instead of type?

  • Tap the notes icon in your inspection.

  • This opens up the notes field, where you can type what you need to.

  • If you're connected to the internet, you can also tap on the microphone icon on your device's keyboard to speak your notes through the voice-to-text feature.

How do I edit notes on an item?

  • Tap on the green check mark in the notes field. This lets you edit any notes, and then tap right back into your inspection.

How do I save the phrases I use everyday?

Our SnapText feature makes it possible, letting you save your common phrases! Here's how:


  • Type the phrase you want to save into the notes field.

  • Then, tap the small plus icon (+) to save it to your SnapText library.

  • On an iPhone, this is on the left of your screen, above the keyboard. On an iPad, this in the top right of the notes field, represented by the SnapText "T" symbol.

  • You can also add just part of your note into a SnapText phrase: select the part you'd like to add and tap Add To SnapText, which appears above your selection once it's highlighted.

How do I add my saved SnapText in to my notes?

On iOS saving phrases into your SnapText library is simply a matter of typing the phrase you want to save then tapping the small plus icon. If you only want to save part of a note, select the section you want and tap Add To SnapText from the context menu

How do I add my saved SnapText phrases into my notes?

  • In your Notes field, tap the SnapText "T" symbol (lower right on iPhones, upper left on iPads, appears as green, floating action button in Androids).

  • Phrases are saved based on the context of when they were stored in your library.

  • You can search for the one you want by using the search bar, or by using the reorder icon that's to the right of plus icon.

  • When you've found the phrase you want to use, tap the phrase and it drops right into your notes field.

How do I delete SnapText from my library?

  • On an iOS, open your list of phrases by tapping the SnapText "T" icon.

  • To delete an entry, slide the phrase to the left and tap the red delete button.

On iOS delete your SnapText by opening your list of phrases with the SnapText ‘T’ icon. Then it’s just a matter of sliding the phrase to the left and tapping the red delete button.

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