What's the difference between a unit and property?

When we say unit here in our Help section we use it interchangeably with property. They both represent in Inspections the units or properties you inspect as a Property Manager at your community, or manage on behalf of your landlord as part of your portfolio. In our app a property is mostly the same except it has a few extra fields such as a key number.


Our Sales and Customer Success teams will help your team get setup with the correct type of asset when you sign up for your Inspections account.


How do I add a new unit or property?

When you tap into your folder you’ll be in the unit list screen with the name of the folder at the top of the app in the green title bar. If there are existing units they’ll be listed underneath the name of your folder.

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How do I edit a unit or property?

From your list of units, you can edit a unit by scrolling or searching for the one you want to edit, then tapping into the unit, tapping the three-dots icon then choosing Edit Unit.

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How do I add a photo to my unit or property so it appears on the final report?

You can add a photo of your property by tapping the white square next to the word Photo when you're editing a unit. Your photos of units appear on your final reports.

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How do I add tenant or landlord details to my unit or property?

You can add tenant or landlord details to your units by editing your unit, then tapping Contacts while you edit a unit.
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How can I add notes about a unit or property such as access codes or notes about pets?

You can add notes about a unit by editing a unit, then entering your notes in the text field at the bottom of the screen. Notes only appear in the app and do not appear in the final reports for a unit.

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How do delete a unit or property?

You can delete a unit on iOS by finding it in your list of units then sliding the listing to the left to reveal a Delete button. Tap this and it will be permanently removed. On Android tap into a unit and tap the three small dots at the top left, then Delete.

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Why doesn't my app doesn't let me add, edit or delete units or properties?

Your organization may have disabled the ability to add, edit or delete units to maintain integrity of Inspections data. Please see your organization's Inspections admin in the first instance before reaching out to our Support team. 
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