Unit and Property are used interchangeably in this Help Article. Please refer to our FAQ: What's the difference between a unit and property?


What’s the quickest way to start an Inspection?

  • On an iOS device: go into the property or unit list, and slide left on the property or unit you'd like to inspect.

  • You'll see a green Inspect tab. Tap it, and you're all set to start inspecting!

How do I start a new inspection?

On your iPhone or iPad:

  • Tap into the property or unit you'll be inspecting.

  • Press the plus icon (+) on the top right of your screen. Then, tap Start a New Inspection.

  • Another option: head to your list of previous inspections and tap the plus icon (+), then Start a New Inspection.


On Android:

  • Tap into the property or unit you'll be inspecting.

  • Tap the green, floating action button (button right corner)/

  • Then, tap Start a New Inspection.

I'm trying to start an inspection but my app is 'locked', why can't I start the inspection?

Inspections can't be started from templates, so this could be your roadblock! You'll know if you're in a template if the title bar at the top of the app is blue. If blue is what you see, exit the screen by heading to the list of units or properties.


From there you can follow the steps above, in "How do I start a new inspection?" Once you're in the right spot, the property list, you'll see the title bar is green. That's when you're good to go!


How do I copy a previous inspection and its photos, ratings, notes, etc.?

Note: this feature is only available for iOS right now. Here's what to do:


  • Go your list of properties, and tap into the one you want to inspection.

  • Tap the plus icon (+) for new inspections.

  • Then, tap Copy a Previous Inspection. Select the one you want to copy.

  • In the lower left corner, you'll see Copy Options.

  • When you tap Copy Options, you'll see three switches that let you copy the last inspection's ratings, photos, and notes to bring them into the new inspection.

How do I copy a previous inspection that’s not synced to my device?

To copy a previous inspection with its data, the inspection needs to be synced to your device. Here's your signal to do that:


  • You'll see a pale green (for completed inspection) or pale orange (for draft inspection) and the words "tap to download" underneath the date of the inspection.

  • Connect to the internet to download the inspection. Then, you'll be able to follow the steps above to copy the inspection.


How do I schedule a future inspection?


In Manage:

  • Select your property folder

  • Click the Inspections icon in the side menu

  • Click Schedules New Schedule


On an iPhone/iPad:

  • Tap the plus icon (+), then Schedule a Future Inspection.

  • Provide the date you intend to do the inspection and the template you want to use. This saves the inspection back to the list of inspections.


On an Android:

  • Start in your list of units and scroll for the unit you want to inspect.

  • Tap into the unit and you'll see a details screen that includes address info in the title bar and a list of previous inspections if there are any.

  • Tap the green floating action button that's in the lower right corner. Then, tap Schedule a Future Inspection.

  • This will bring a calendar showing that you can select the date.

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