The Experience Switcher provides a way for users to easily navigate between different products and experiences within the Manage interface without multiple sign ins. Additionally, products that are not currently subscribed or accessible will be visible to provide information for users who wish to learn more.

  • As an admin, I can add or remove access to the HappyCo products on my active subscription for properties I have provisioned to the HappyCo ecosystem

  • As a user, I can move between Happy Asset, Happy Property, and Happy Force environments under the same Customer relationship.

Accessing the Experience Switcher

To access the Experience Switcher, users must first be logged in to the Manage web interface (

The Business Selector is in the Experience Switcher now. When users click the 9-grid in the top left, the Experience Switcher will open, and at the bottom of the experience switcher they can choose their business.

Once selected, the Experience Switcher will open from the left side of the screen. You will see a list of currently subscribed as well as non-subscribed experiences (listed under Discover):

To switch between accounts, hover over the experience you want to switch within. Then use the dropdown arrow to reveal additional accounts available for switching. To switch accounts, click the name of the account you would like to switch to and the interface will automatically reload in the new account:

For account administrators: you may also access the Admin Center using the button located at the bottom of the Experience Switcher pop-out menu:



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