Release Notes: Multi-Property Views

We are excited to announce the new Multi-Property Views feature. This feature enhances our customers' experience by allowing you to select more than one property at a time. Data from those properties is then aggregated, allowing you to use certain functionality across them.

How it works

The Multi-Property Views feature aggregates and displays all work orders, inspections, and projects for selected properties, providing a comprehensive overview of those properties at a glance. Users can select up to 10 properties at once for this aggregated view, making managing work orders across different sites more effortless than ever.

Additionally, for the Manage web version, this multi-property view works with our existing bulk assignment feature. This means you can assign multiple work orders simultaneously to your maintenance team, even across different properties, saving time and streamlining your work order management process.

How do you use it?


When you log in and go to select your property, if the functionality is available you will see an option to select multiple properties, regions, or individual properties. You can still choose to select a single property. If you select more than one property, the multi-property view panel will pop up, allowing you to apply that selection.

Maintenance mobile app

This functionality is also available in our new Maintenance mobile app. To select multiple properties or regions, open the property selector and press Select Multiple. After choosing your properties, you will have the option to Group Selectedor Show Selected. Choosing Group Selected allows you to save the selected properties and give it a name. Choosing Show Selected will exit the menu with the property selection applied.

To remove a group, select the group and press ungroup. This will remove the saved group from your list, but the properties from the group will remain in your list.

To see the properties in a property group, open the property selector and press and hold on a property group while in single select mode. Groups only apply to the device they are created on.

Where is multi-property supported?

Manage web app

  • Inspections, including inspection schedules and inspection reports
  • Tasks

Maintenance mobile app

  • My work
  • Work orders
  • Projects
  • Inspections

When will it be available?

Multi-property views is available now in our new Maintenance mobile app.

Multi-property views is being rolled out gradually on our Manage web app and will be available to all customers soon. Stay tuned for more updates!

If you have any questions, please submit a ticket via

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