How do I set up the RealPage OneSite Integration?

The OneSite integration is a Premium Integration, so depending on your plan type, you can start the setup process from your OneSite account. Here's how to get your OneSite Integration set up:

  • Send an Integration Request via OneSite.

  • Send HappyCo your OneSite Company ID and property IDs.


To send an integration Request, you will need to have the 'Manage AppPartner Subscription' permissions in OneSite. Then, you can:

  • Log in to RealPage Central.

  • Click Administration.

  • Click RealPage Exchange.

  • Click App Partner Marketplace.


To send the Company ID and Property ID number in RealPage. Here's how:

  • Click the RealPage logo in the top left (3 orange dots).

  • Look for the OneSite ID number column, and submit a request with the ID numbers in the Property and Company rows.


These steps will need to be done for every property you would like to Integrate. Once we receive your Integration request and account details, we will set the Integration up on our end. This isn't instant however, so please allow a couple of days for the team to complete the set up of your account.


How do I add my Units?

  • Once your Property is set up, your Units will automatically sync through to your HappyCo account.

  • Make sure not to add units through the Inspections app. Any units created in the app won't be linked to OneSite, which means they won't sync.


Still can't see your units?

  • It's possible the device hasn't had a chance to sync them from the database.

  • To refresh the app, kickstart a Sync by pulling down the list of Inspections.


One thing to note: the integration doesn't currently sync Contact Details from OnePage. But you can still add those by editing the property through the Inspections app.


How Do I Sync My Reports back to OneSite?

Once you've collected the data in your Move-In/Move-Out Inspection, you'll need to create a Report so the data can be shared.


Here's how:

  • Tap the plus icon (+) in the top right.

  • Select the report type (Move-In or Move-Out).

  • Tap the check-mark icon in the top right to finalize the Report.


Once you are connected to a strong internet connection, the report will automatically sync and upload to your OneSite account, as a link. In the Activity Log for each unit, reports will appear both as a link and a new entry.


For now, you can't select or click the report link in OneSite. Here's what to do instead:

  • If you have the Edit Activity Log permission enabled, copy the link to the report and paste into a browser to view the report.

Why Isn't My Report Syncing?

Here are some possibilities:

  • The unit or inspection may have originally been set up in the Inspections app, instead of synced through the integration once you've followed the steps above ("How Do I Add My Units?"). Review and take those steps to be sure sync works correctly.

  • Remember: if you create a unit or inspection in HappyCo software, you cannot sync the information back to OneSite.

How do I schedule My Move-In Move-Out Inspections?

  • Through the RealPage OneSite integration, your inspections will be automatically scheduled within HappyCo software once the lease's move in and move out dates have been added.

  • Note: inspections are synced periodically throughout the day, so if you can't see the move-in or move-out inspections in your HappyCo account, wait 15-20 minutes and refresh the app.


Also, your Inspections may show the wrong time on the Inspection Screen. Don't worry about this! Inspections can be started and completed at any time, so just tap into the scheduled inspection to start inspecting!


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