You can now integrate your PropertyTree account with HappyCo software! This will improve your workflow and make inspecting even easier by allowing you to schedule routine inspections from events in PropertyTree then sync the completed Report directly back to your account. 


How do I setup my PropertyTree account to Integrate with my HappyCo account?

The PropertyTree Integration is included with a Premium Integration subscription. To get set up our team will need some information from you to connect the accounts. These are:

  • An API Key from your Property Tree Account

  • The name of the HappyCo Folder you wish to integrate

  • The Template you would like to use for your Inspections


How Do I Generate an API Key?

The API key which will allow our software to identify which PropertyTree account is yours. To do this you can log in to PropertyTree and click Configurations in the menu on the left. In the Integrations window click the Inspections Applications button. Here you will see Inspections in the list of applications, click Generate API Key and a string of numbers will be generated. Copy and paste this string into an email.


How Do I Choose a HappyCo Folder?

One folder from HappyCo will be integrated with your PropertyTree account, so we’ll need to know which HappyCo Folder you would like to be synced. You may already have one or more on your account, to choose one 

  • Log into click Let’s Get Started in the top left and your folders will be displayed below write the name of the Folder in the same email as the other integration information.


How do I choose a HappyCo Template?

When your Inspections are scheduled through PropertyTree, they will automatically choose your integrated Template. You'll just need to choose which Template you would like to use. To do this: 

  • Log in to click Let's Get Started in the top left click the Folder you have chosen to integrate click the Templates tab choose the Template you would like used for your inspections and add it to the email.


How Do I Schedule and Start My Inspections?

When an upcoming inspection status is updated to 'Confirmed' in PropertyTree, a scheduled inspection will automatically be populated in the Inspections app ready for inspecting. 

The property and all its details, such as contacts and key number, will automatically be imported from PropertyTree when the first inspection is scheduled. Please be sure you don’t add these yourself in the Inspections app, as the data won’t be linked to your PropertyTree account.


To start your inspection:

  • Choose the integrated folder tap the Properties tab select the Property you are going to inspect tap the purple scheduled inspection and start collecting ratings notes and photos.


How Do I and Generate a Report and Sync it with PropertyTree?

Once you have completed your Inspection you can send the data back to PropertyTree by creating a PDF Report. To create a Report:

  • Tap the ‘+’ icon in the top right of the Inspection screen select the Report type preview the Report tap the checkmark to complete the report

  • Or if you had contacts saved in PropertyTree, you can conveniently also share the report directly with them by tapping Share in the bottom right tap the ‘+’ icon in the 'To:' field select the contacts you would like to send the report to tap the checkmark tap Share and the report will be sent out and sync back to PropertyTree.

Sharing a Report


Why Can't I See My Report In PropertyTree?

The Report is sent back to PropertyTree as a PDF document, so this means all the photos and data needs to be uploaded before the database can upload it to your account. If you don’t see it in your account:

  • Jump into the Inspections app on the device your performed the inspection tap the Cloud tab in the menu in the Sending Photos tab you’ll see any photos that are still waiting to upload keep the screen active while they finish syncing, if the device goes into a sleep mode the connection will be lost.

Checking the Cloud tab for unsynced photos


The unit and all its details, such as contacts and key number, will automatically be imported from PropertyTree when the first inspection is scheduled. Please also be sure you don’t add these yourself in Inspections, as the data won’t be linked to your PropertyTree account.

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