Sync Engine

The new Happy Property: Maintenance app features some improvements to the sync engine! The sync engine ensures that data is available and up-to- date consistent across user’s devices.

Traditionally, our apps have used entity based (whole inspection) to update data, which could sometimes lead to inefficiencies and delays in reflecting real-time changes. With our new action-based approach, the app responds immediately to user actions and updates data accordingly when users are online. When offline, users can complete all offline actions as normal, and when the app goes back online, the data will sync and users can see in real time when each sync action is complete.  The introduction of an action-based synchronization engine in our app marks an enhancement in data sync capabilities.

Benefits of the new action-based sync engine

Real-Time Responsiveness: Action-based syncing responds to user actions in real time. When a user performs an action (e.g. edits an inspection online), the changes are immediately synced rather than waiting for the user to complete the work order or inspection.

Efficiency: Action-based syncing allows for more granular control over what gets synchronized. Unnecessary data is excluded, resulting in faster and more efficient data updates.

Optimized for Collaboration*: Action-based syncing will allow us to build more collaborative user experiences such as where multiple users are interacting with the same data simultaneously. *We are yet to build this feature.

Better Handling of Conflicts: Our improved sync engine includes more robust conflict resolution mechanisms that are triggered when multiple users modify the same data simultaneously. These conflicts are resolved more seamlessly and with greater control, ensuring data integrity.

Improved User Experience: With action-based syncing, users see immediate feedback on their actions. This enhances the overall user experience by making the app feel more responsive and intuitive. Users can see exactly what is being synced to manage.

Download Performance

The new Happy Property: Maintenance app downloads data a little differently to the older apps. Users should notice faster download speed of their inspections and work orders when connected to the internet.

Getting help

If any users run into issues with either download performance delays or the syncing of data from the mobile app to manage, please ensure you are connected to the internet, if issues persist please raise a support request as soon as possible so that we may troubleshoot the issue for you.


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