This article covers the types of reports, how to create them, and how to locate them once generated in app.

Overview of Reports in Inspections App

  • Reports allow you to convert your inspection data into an easy to read document
  • This document can be branded and formatted to suit your needs and can be shared from your device or downloaded as PDF
  • Reports are a snapshot of your inspection from the point in time when the report is created
  • You are not able to edit the rating selections, notes or photos in a report
  • To make changes, you will need to edit the original inspection and then generate a brand new report

Finding Previously Completed Reports

  • To find report you've previously completed, filter the inspections list by completed and search or filter for the unit.
  • You will then see previously completed inspections
  • Open the inspection and tap on the page icon in the top right corner of the screen
  • From here you can see all reports attached to the inspection

Creating a Standard Report to Complete an Inspection

  • If you're in your inspection, our most common workflow to finish is to preview your report immediately
    • This often ties in with the collection of signatures from tenants or yourself as documentation of the date and time of the inspection
  • To create a report from your inspection tap the Complete button at the bottom of the screen.
  • In the Report Preview you can share the report without a signature
  • As well, you can collect signatures on your device by tapping Finalize
    • You can choose to sign the report now or sign the report later
    • Once you have added a signature or signatory, you can close share the report via email, or close it and return to the unit list
  • Report settings can be managed on the desktop version of HappyCo
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