In this article, we provide a comparison of our new Maintenance mobile app (iOS, Android) with our two legacy apps, Happy Inspections and Happy Tasks, to help you understand the significant improvements we've made.

App Overview

Happy Inspections and Happy Tasks have now been combined into one convenient mobile app called Maintenance.

Our new Maintenance app includes a range of helpful new features making maintenance workflows easy, and helping your team be more efficient.

What’s New:

  • April 2024: Recent updates include requested features from Happy Inspections and many other enhancements:
    • Inspection requests: Rename a section, collapse a section, choose report style & hold a rating to rate all items.
    • New features: Add a profile photo, save a property group.
    • Additional language support: French Canadian and Croation.
    • Performance and usability enhancements: Android performance boost, improved template downloading for 1000+ templates, improved phone call usability, progress indicators for downloads.
  • Previous updates
    • Single consolidated app: View and complete Inspections and Work Orders in a single app.
    • Modernized experience: Simpler maintenance workflows alongside purposeful usability enhancements increase your team’s efficiency with improved navigation, camera and photo management, inspection assignments and switching between Inspections and Tasks.
    • My Work: All inspections and work orders assigned to you are neatly organized in your ‘My Work’ view, making it quick to see what needs to be completed at any given time.
    • Reduce Revisits: When navigating to a work order to resolve, users are shown other related work orders and inspections at the unit so they can plan to resolve these all in one visit.
    • Spanish localization: The new mobile app has been translated to Spanish enabling your Spanish-speaking users to better understand and adopt the app.
    • Improved Filtering: Can now filter by individual assignees, schedule dates and templates in addition to existing filters.
    • Modify Inspection Data: Can now assign, schedule and set due dates for inspections in our new app.

What’s Gone:

There are a few features from Happy Inspections that are not available in the new Maintenance app.

  • Snaptext
    • April update: Snaptext is in development and will be delivered in Q2 2024
  • Units list replaced with filtering by unit.
  • Reorder inspection items
  • Report settings have moved to

We approached the decision to remove these carefully and chose features that caused confusion, and frustration or were not being used. By doing this, we were able to maintain a simplified User Experience while bolstering the new app with new features.

Detailed App Comparison

In this section, we provide a detailed comparison table that covers the functionality and features of each app.

Feature / Functionality Maintenance Inspections Tasks Note
My work view My work view includes work orders, project tasks and inspections
Map view of my work A view of my work on a map. Available by request.
- Spanish
- French Canadian
- Croation
Change the language of the app. Includes real-time translation of user-generated text.
Multi property views Able to select and view data across multiple properties.
Save property groups Save a group of properties to easily change the selection. Only available on the user’s device.
Unlimited photos on inspections  
Other work at this unit Able to view other work orders and inspections created for that unit when completing a work order or inspection.
Action based sync Items are synced individually. Even more robust and reliable than the previous inspection sync.
Sync activity ❌  Able to view sync activity across the app.
Camera zoom Digital zoom available.
Standard aspect ratio photos ❌  Improved photo quality in the new app
Change the work order/inspection list sort order  ❌ Sort inspection and work order lists to suit your needs.
Edit section names in an inspection N/A  
Collapse inspection sections N/A  
Hold a rating to rate all items N/A  
Choose report style N/A  
Add a profile photo Profile photos may appear anywhere a user is visible in HappyCo.
Report settings N/A Removed
Reorder inspection items N/A Removed
Units list Removed
Snaptext In development for Maintenance app and will be delivered in Q2 2024
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