This articles covers how to locate your call forwarding number and instructions for setting it up with your phone provider.


To locate your Call Forwarding number, follow these steps:

  • First, log into HappyCo Manage here

  • Then select your property in the Select Property drop down menu in the upper left corner

  • After a property is selected, click on the Call Complete icon on the left side under Apps

  • Next, select the Profiles tab

  • To the right of of the Profiles title, click on the purple drop down box and select Call Forwarding

Screenshot 2023-11-07 at 1.24.26 PM.png

  • The call forwarding number will be displayed on the left side of this screen along with the instructions listed below


To forward unanswered calls to your answering service, follow these steps:

  • Call your phone provider (for example, AT&T, Vonage, etc.)

    • Please have your account number ready

  • Ask to activate No Answer Forwarding to [Forwading Number]

  • Tell your phone provider the number of rings before forwarding the call (we recommend 3-4 rings)

    • No Answer Forwarding will give you the opportunity to pick up the call within the first 3-4 rings

    • The call will automatically get forwarded to your answering service if no one picks up after 3-4 rings

  • You’re all set!

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