This article covers the Resident Communication options in the Community tab.


Maintenance Survey

This option sends a Resident Satisfaction text message to a resident once their Emergency Maintenance request is marked Complete by the On-call tech. The text will prompt residents to provide a rating on a 1-5 scale.

If they reply with a 4 or 5, they will receive a follow-up text encouraging them to write a review. If they submit a review, it will be included in the detailed Audit Trail for this emergency maintenance request.

If they reply with a 1-3, they will receive a follow-up ext that encourages them to call the office during normal business hours to speak to an associate so we can make sure their issue is resolved to their satisfaction.

Create Tasks Alert

When enabled, this option sends a text to residents once a HappyCo task has been generated for their message.

Proof of Task Completion

This option requires the maintenance tech to upload a photo into the activity log before a task can be marked as completed.


To turn on any of these optional features, follow the steps below:

  • Once you have logged into Manage and selected your property, click on the Call Complete icon on the left side under Apps

  • Then select the Profiles tab 

  • Next to the Profiles title at the top, click on the dropdown box (this will default to Teams)

  • Select the Community option

  • Scroll past the Office Hours, and select the Additional Options button in the lower left side

  • Under Resident Communications, toggle the Yes/No option for the options you wish to enable

  • Finally, click the blue Save button in the lower right corner


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