This article covers office hours and how to set them up for your property.


The Office Hours listed on your Community page should coincide with your standard office hours. 

These office hours will determine when calls are sent as real-time email notifications (during office hours) versus summarized in the Last Night’s Activity email (after office hours).

Each morning, the Last Night’s Activity email will be sent out 30 minutes prior to the start of your office hours.


To set up your office hours, please follow these steps:

  • Once you have logged into Manage and selected your property, click on the Call Complete icon on the left side under Apps

  • Then select the Profiles tab 

  • Next to the Profiles title at the top, click on the dropdown box (this will default to Teams)

  • Select the Community option


  • Once on the Community page, scroll down to the Office Hours section

  • Select the appropriate time zone for your property

  • Next, enter the business hours for each day

  • Once you have entered the hours for Monday, you can use the Copy Tues-Fri button to copy these business hours to the rest of the schedule

  • Finally, select the blue Save button in the lower right corner


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