This article covers how to set up a Special Announcement. This message will play after the general greeting message and be heard by anyone that calls into your property phone line.


To set up a Special Announcement, follow these steps:

  • Once you have logged into Manage and selected your property, click on the Call Complete icon on the left side under Apps

  • Then select the Profiles tab 

  • Next to the Profiles title at the top, click on the dropdown box (this will default to Teams)

  • Select the Community option


  • Scroll past the Office Hours, and select the Additional Options button in the lower left side

  • Next, click the drop down arrow next to Message under Special Announcement

  • Select one of the preset options or Custom to create your own

  • If you select Custom, a Custom Message box will appear beneath

  • Enter your message and then click the Listen button to ensure it sounds correct

  • Once you are satisfied with the message, scroll down and click the blue Save button


Please note: If you need to add a resident alert message that will only be heard for maintenance calls, please follow this guide instead.

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