Users can access all actions and approvals assigned to them across all the properties they have access to via the My Tasks section.

Tasks are divided into four sub-sections (tabs):

  • Upcoming: This section includes actions that are due today or later
  • Overdue: This section includes actions that were due before today
  • No Due Date: This section includes actions that have no due date set
  • Completed: This section contains the last 50 actions that the user completed


How can users access the My Tasks section?

  • Navigate to Happy Asset via the Experience Switcher or by going to
  • Click "My Tasks" in the left sidebar

Screenshot 2024-01-03 at 9.25.10 AM.png


Do users require any specific permissions to access this section?

All users with access to your account (excluding Vendors/External Collaborators) can access My Tasks without special permission.


How can Vendors and External Collaborators access work assigned to them?

Happy Asset has a separate isolated view where vendors and external collaborators can access actions assigned to them. You'll be able to read more about that here.


Can users complete the actions directly on this page?

No. To ensure that we're giving users sufficient context for the work, they need to complete each item link to the page where the users can gain full context to complete the work. All actions link to their respective page.


Will I be notified when there are new actions that need my attention?

Assignees are usually notified when work is first assigned to them. However, there are some exceptions where this isn't done, like in the case of bulk re-assignment, where the number of notifications may lead to a sub-par experience or cause users to miss other vital notifications.

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