All properties within Happy Asset receive an onboarding checklist that contains recommended setup steps that can be taken to get the maximum value from the product and reporting.

The checklist is displayed on the Property Overview screen for each property.

The list links to the page where an action can be completed and includes links to support articles if you want to learn more.

While most items on the list are one-time actions, some items like the "Add an Annual Budget for this year." are recurring items that will need to be completed each year to ensure that your team is keeping the property data up to date to continue getting maximum value from the product.


What does the checklist look like?

Screenshot 2024-01-03 at 4.16.01 PM.png

How can I access the page where I make the change?

Clicking on the left section of an item will navigate you to the page where the change can be made. The screenshot below shows the section in the green box.

Clicking on the icon to the right will take you to the support page for the item.



How can I collapse the list?

The only way to collapse the list is to complete all the steps noted in the onboarding checklist. Once complete, the list automatically collapses and will only display the completion % and progress bar.


Will the section ever go away?

The checklist is hidden 30 days after the setup is complete.


How do the yearly items appear/re-appear?

We re-evaluate the checklist items every year; activities that are required yearly will automatically be marked as incomplete if the underlying action is required.


We're not planning to use a feature. Can we customize the checklist to remove it?

Not at this time. However, there are plans to add some flexibility to the change management process and allow you to manage your own setup strategy. Stay tuned.






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