Punch Walks allow external contacts to complete browser-based inspections for Capital Projects and Unit Renovations. Punch Walks can contain a selection of or all Construction Scope items. You can also have Conversations between your team and external team members for any project.


Punch Walks

1. Click on a project to get started

2. Click "Construction Scope"

3. Click this icon.

4. Click "Send Punch Walk"

5. Click the "Assign to External Contact" field.

6. Click the "External Contact Name" field.

7. Punch Walk items can be removed so that the person completing the Punch Walk will only see those items on their inspection:

8. If needed, new items can also be added from this screen

9. Once you're finished, click Send

10. The recipient of the Punch Walk that was sent will receive an email:

11. Once they open the inspection, they will be prompted to complete an item for each Construction Scope item that was sent. Note that there's no mobile app to download! Photos and notes can easily be added from any mobile device browser.

12. Once the Punch Walk is complete, the report for the inspection will appear in the Inspections tab under the project



1. To start a Conversation, click this icon:

2. Click "+ External Collaborator" to add

3. Click "New collaborator"

4. Enter details below:

5. Click Save

6. Type a message here. You can also attach files. Once sent, the external contact will receive an email and can reply to that email to have the conversation recorded within Happy Asset





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