Bulk Upload is a feature across the Happy Asset platform. Using Bulk Upload tools allow for easy bulk data input. Currently this is available for the following areas: Fixed Assets, Capital Projects, Unit Renovations. 

To bulk upload data, you can either opt to enter your data "manually" into the tool or to import an existing Excel workbook. If you choose to import an Excel workbook, we strongly recommend formatting the data into our import sheet and making your edits there beforehand; however, the manual entry method does "respect" common Excel keyboard commands. It's simply up to you and what you're most comfortable with.


There are two key tips to remember about Bulk Upload data:

  • Once the bulk upload is completed, edits cannot be made to what was uploaded in bulk. Therefore, it's critically important that what has been entered is as complete as possible! Make sure that you have added a Budget and linked a Chart of Accounts to the property before proceeding so that these don't have to be added one at a time later!
  • Entering any date into a Completed Date column automatically marks a project to Complete status, even if that date is in the future. Be cautious to leave this column blank if entering current Capital Projects or Unit Renovations! If you'd like to add a "projected" completed date for your project, use the Due Date column.



Entering Data Manually

1. Click this icon:

2. Click Bulk Upload

3. Click "Manually enter your data"

4. Manually fill in each field as needed or available. Note that columns marked with a * symbol are required in order for the bulk upload to work!

5. Important! For Capital Projects and Unit Renovations note that adding a Completed Date will automatically set a project to Complete even if the date entered is set in the future. Therefore, it's only recommended to add a Completed Date for Historical Project imports! To add a "projected" completion date, use the Due Date field:

6. If using the manual entry method, note that some fields will have dropdown menus that allow you to select the correct value:

7. Once Everything has been entered and there are no apparent errors showing, click Finish!


Working on the Bulk Upload in Excel

1. If you're more comfortable in Excel, no problem! We recommend exporting our pre-formatted sheet to Excel to start, then copying and pasting over your data from an existing tracker if applicable. To start, click Export:

2. Click "All rows"

3. Enter your data into Excel or copy and paste if desired, moving the data into columns as needed. Note that we currently only support a columnized format with one project per row:

4. Please ensure that everything looks good before moving on to the next step! Remember, once the bulk upload is complete, any changes must be made manually to each project one at a time (we currently do not support Bulk Editing at this time). It's critically important before adding to GL Account and Budget Year that there is a default Chart of Accounts set for the property and a Budget for the appropriate area respectively.

5. Once your Excel sheet is looking good, don't forget to Save!

6. Navigate back to Happy Asset, and click Choose a file and open the file by navigating to where it's been saved:

7. The Bulk Upload tool will then guide you through the setup process step-by-step! First select your header row:

8. We use AI magic to help with matching values that were uploaded that weren't an exact match to what's in our system! This is really helpful for things like unit numbers with leading 0s, misspellings, and so on. 🪄

9. Confirm all selections look correct! Then click Continue

10. You'll be prompted to review your and make edits if needed once the wizard steps are complete. Simply give everything a good once-over and click Finish when finished!




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