Happy Asset has a comprehensive and dynamic budget approval process which can be applied to your Unit Renovations and Capital projects to ensure the approvals are received from the designated individuals for all applicable budget/cost changes.

The approval rules are configurable by Admins within the Account Settings area within the web application.

You can access the settings area for all project types by going to:

  1. Log into Happy Asset at https://am.happyco.com
  2. Click link for "Account Settings" in the left sidebar
  3. Click link for "Approval Rules" in the Account Settings sidebar
  4. Click "Add Custom Rule" to add a new rule


How are budget approvals triggered?

Budget approvals are automatically triggered in the following scenarios:

  • For user with access to edit budgets
    Anytime a user with the ability to edit the budget edit
  • By submitting a change request

Can the approval rules be different for Capital Project and Unit Renovations?

Yes. All approval rules are separated by the type of project and the field that requires approvals.


Can I add different approvers for different cost thresholds?

Yes, you can have multiple rules per project type. We typically see customers have 3-5 levels.


Can each property have it's own approvers?

Yes, this can be done by making use of the Corporate and Property Contacts. You can select contact functions as approvers for different budget levels, and the users that serve within the different property-level functions can be selected on a per property basis.


Will approvals be required for every budgetary change?

The default settings for each new Custom Rule has the setting for any change requiring an approval selected. However, you can uncheck the setting for any rule to only require an approval on increases.

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