Invoices can be easily added and tracked within Happy Asset. They can also be associated with Capital Projects and Unit Renovations.


Uploading Invoices

1. Navigate to the Invoices tab

2. Click Upload Invoice

3. Click the "Invoice" field to upload:

4. Add any notes if desired:

5. Click Save

6. Note that sometimes your invoice may show as "Processing" for a short period of time and this is normal! After a few minutes, be sure to refresh or check back and you should see that data has pulled in from the invoice automatically!

7. As above, this may show up from time to time:

8. Once the data has populated, take a look to review by clicking on the invoice:

Associating an Invoice with a Project

9. Click this icon:

10. Click "Assign to Project"

11. Click to select the project

12. Note that if a GL account is already associated with a project, this will automatically fill in to keep things consistent:

13. Click Save

Approving Invoices and Recording Payments

14. If your permissions allow, you can Approve an invoice once it has been submitted:

15. Once approved, you can record payments against an invoice by clicking here:

16. Enter the payment amount

17. Add a Due At date and optionally add a Memo / Note:

18. Click Save

19. Note that the Amount Paid automatically subtracts from Amount Due:



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