To view the details of a task, click on the task from your task list. You'll notice a tab will appear to the right:

Here, you'll be able to see more detail about a specific task.
You'll also be able to leave a comment, or edit the task.


Changing the Task Category

At the top of the details you'll see the Work Category/Subcategory. In this case, it's for Unit 10 and you can change the category by selecting a different option - let's change the category to "Exterior" with the subcategory "Brick":


Adding or Editing the Task Description

When you click on the description for a task, a text box will open and allow you to enter or edit the task's description. Clicking save or leaving the text box will save the description.

If the task was created from an inspection, then the description will contain any of the comments that were made in that inspection along with the ratings selected for that inspection item.


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