This article covers the overview of Tasks and How to Create Them in Happy Property.

Creating a new maintenance task in Happy Property: Maintenance

  • To create a new maintenance Task in Happy Property: Maintenance, you can tap on the plus button (+) in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. This will bring up a bottom sheet from which you can ‘create a maintenance task’.
  • You will be required to select which unit or area the task will need to be completed in, the work category and add a description of what needs to be done. You are also able to add the reporting resident from a list of residents that are attached to the selected location. 
  • Entry notes for that resident will be set to ‘permission required’ by default, but you may change this manually on a case by case basis. You are also able to select a scheduled date, due date and an assignee for the task.
  • Once those details have been added, tap ‘done’ and you will be taken to the task details screen. You can then start the task or navigate back to the tasks list.

New project tasks or synced tasks

Tasks can also be created for a project in Manage or via an integration with a PMS. Tasks created outside of Happy Property: Maintenance will be synced to the app and will appear in the tasks list.

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