This article covers how to customize the email template and share your reports directly from Inspections.


Sharing Your Reports

  • Once you've finished customizing your reports, and have collected any signatures you may need for the inspection, the next step is to share the report directly from your device.

  • Reports are a snapshot of your inspection data at a particular point in time.

  • Your reports are shared with your recipients once all of the data on your device has finished uploading off of your device.

  • The email that is sent to your recipients is a text email containing a link to your final report.

    • Recipients can click on the link in their web browser and view the report

    • They may also choose to save a PDF version of the report by clicking the download icon in the top right corner of the shared report web page.

  • To share your reports directly from your iPhone or iPad, from your report preview screen where you've been working to change the settings and collect signatures, tap the blue Share down the lower right.

  • You will then see an email preview screen and the default email template text in the body of the email.

  • Tap the small, green plus icon (+) in the upper right corner to select from, yourself as the Inspector and the contacts you already have associated with the unit or property

  • Alternatively, tap the plus icon (+) and tap Choose Recipient From Contacts to share the report with existing email contacts you have setup under the email account associated with your device.

  • Once you have added all the recipients and the title and body of the email are correct, tap the Send button at the top right to share the report from your device.

  • You will see a green, checkmark appear briefly on the screen to confirm the inspection is now complete and then be returned to the unit or property detail screen.

  • On an Android to share your reports, from the report preview screen tap the purple, floating action button in the lower right-hand corner then tap the purple, Mail icon underneath the signatures.

  • A new message window will appear on the screen where you can enter the recipient details, edit the subject and body of your email and then tap Send in the upper right-hand corner to share your report.

  • The screen will then return to the inspection screen.


Sharing Your Reports via the web

  • You can also share the Report through the desktop portal, Manage. The Report can be sent either as a link, or a downloaded PDF copy of the Report that can be attached to an email.

  • To access the Report's link, log in to and navigate to the Reports tab.

  • Select the Report you would like to send and highlight the URL to copy and send:

  • This link is the same link that is sent via the app, so it can be shared publicly without the need to log in.

  • Alternatively, you can download a PDF and attach it to an email.

  • To download a PDF copy of the Report, click the download icon in the top right:

Customizing Your Email Template

  • The default text in your emails is simple and to the point.

  • If you would like to personalize this, this is available in your report settings.

  • To access your report setting you will need to generate a brand new report.

  • On the report preview screen tap the Settings which on your iPhone or iPad is down the lower left-hand corner while on your Android is up the top right.

  • In your report settings tap Customize Email   Customize Email Template and enter or paste the text you would like your emails to be sent with then tap the checkmark up the top right of the text field.

  • When you're done changing the email template, or changing any other report settings, make sure you save them as a Preset to be able to access across devices and the web.

  • Then tap the checkmark at the lower left to close the settings and return to the report.

  • You can then complete and share your report and the email will pick up the new template you've set.


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