This article covers Report Workflows, which allow you to automatically generate reports from completed inspections, and control the report type and report presets.


Report Options

  • If enabled for your business, Administrators and Process Managers have access to an Edit Report Workflow button

  • This can be found in the menu box on the right when you open a Template in Happy Manage


  • Please note: Report Workflows will be copied along with any templates that are copied


Report Workflow Tab

  • The Report Workflow Tab has five customizable settings:


  • Enable Automated Workflow: Instead of incomplete inspections displaying the Create Report icon (iOS) or the Add Report option (Android), incomplete inspections will only display the Complete Inspection icon when this is enabled.

  • Automatically Generate Report: When enabled, a report will automatically be created, when Complete Inspection is chosen using the defined Report Type and corresponding defined Preset from the Report Presets tab.

    • If no Report Type is set, you will be prompted.

    • If no Preset is set, it will fall back to the most recently used Preset that was used for that Report Type.

    • If this is disabled while Enable Automated Workflow is enabled, no report will be generated when the Complete Inspection action is chosen.

    • This setting will be disabled if Enable Automated Workflow is disabled.

  • Preview Report Before Completion (Mobile Only): When enabled and Complete Inspection is chosen, you will be directed to the Report Preview screen instead of having the report automatically created.

    • This will allow you to preview the report, where you can then sign, send or complete the report.

    • This setting will be disabled if Generate Inspection Report or Enable Automated Workflow is disabled.

  • Require Signature (Guest Inspection Only): When enabled, this will require guest inspectors or residents that are sent an inspection to add a signature before completing the report.

  • Report Style: This allows you to set a Report Type that will be used when generating a report automatically.

    • You may choose No Default to allow the inspector to decide which type to use.

    • This setting will be disabled if Generate Inspection Report is disabled.

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