Report Workflows: An Overview

Report Workflows allow you to automatically generate reports from completed inspections, and control the report type and report presets.

Report Options

If enabled for your business, Administrators and Process Managers have access to a Edit Report Workflows button, which can be found below the Edit Template button when you open a Template in Happy Manage.

Report Workflows will be copied along with any templates that are copied.

Report Workflow Tab

The Report Workflow Tab has four customizable settings:

  • Enable Automated Workflow: Instead of incomplete inspections displaying the Create Report icon (iOS) or the Add Report option (Android), incomplete inspections will only display the Complete Inspection icon when this is enabled.

  • Generate Inspection Report: When enabled, a report will automatically be created, when Complete Inspection is chosen using the defined Report Type and corresponding defined Preset from the Report Presets tab. If no Report Type is set, you will be prompted. If no Preset is set, it will fall back to the most recently used Preset that was used for that Report Type. If this is disabled while Enable Automated Workflow is enabled, no report will be generated when the Complete Inspection action is chosen. This setting will be disabled if Enable Automated Workflow is disabled.

  • Preview Report Before Completion: When enabled and Complete Inspection is chosen, you will be directed to the Report Preview screen instead of having the report automatically created. This will allow you to preview the report, where you can then sign, send or complete the report. This setting will be disabled if Generate Inspection Report or Enable Automated Workflow is disabled.

  • Report Type: This allows you to set a Report Type that will be used when generating a report automatically. You may choose No Default to allow the inspector to decide which type to use. This setting will be disabled if Generate Inspection Report is disabled.

Report Presets Tab

The Report Presets Tab has three customizable settings, allowing you to set default Report Presets to use for each Report Type.

  • Standard Report: The preset that will be used when a Standard Report is generated.

  • Ingoing Report: The preset that will be used when an Ingoing Report is generated.

  • Outgoing Report: The preset that will be used when an Outgoing Report is generated.

The Show Settings text button below each setting will display the report Preset settings in the chosen Preset and can be hidden or expanded.

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