This article covers how to set and edit Report Styles for your templates in Happy Manage.


Report workflows and their associated report styles can be easily edited by admins to best suit your business needs and save time when conducting inspections.


To make edits to your report styles for templates, follow these steps:

  • First, log into HappyCo Manage here.

  • Next, click on the Settings icon (gear) in the upper right corner next to your initial:


     3. Then select the Templates tab under the Setup column on the left side of the screen.


     4. Click on the Template that needs to be edited

     5. This will open a new box on the right side with a few edit options.

     6. For report styles, click the Edit button next to Report Workflow


     7. Toggle on the option for Enable Automated Workflow (if not already enabled)

    • You can toggle on the other options within this view as needed as well

     8. At the bottom of this section click on the Report Style drop down box and select a report style.

     9. Once you’re done, click the blue Save button in the lower right corner and you’re good to go!


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