This article covers how to set your report settings up for use across multiple devices and the web.

What is a Report Preset

  • A report preset is your named and saved group of report settings in a folder

  • Report Presets are associated with one of the different types of reports:

    • Standard
    • Move In
    • Move Out
  • In each folder you can create multiple presets for each type of report to customize the look and feel of your reports in different scenarios
    • For example, you may have your usual Standard report settings with a standard Report Title set to 'HappyCo Standard Inspection'
  • Occasionally though, you may use a different template for your inspection and still want to prepare a Standard report.

    • In this case you may want to setup a second Report Preset otherwise the report will pick up the title 'HappyCo Standard Inspection'

    • In this second Report Preset you may set the Report Title to 'HappyCo Extraordinary Inspection' or you may leave the report title setting blank and just use the name of the template

  • Report Presets make Inspections reports highly configurable

Report Presets Make Your Report Settings Available To Your Whole Team

  • Report presets are currently stored on the device at your folder level

  • If you select one preset for a folder for your Standard reports, then every Standard report you create in that folder will pick up this Preset's settings until you change it again through your report settings

  • Presets can be saved, and once saved they are available across different devices and the web


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