The Incidents area is made available after you have selected a Property within Manage.

  • The Incidents page presents the following items:

    • Quick Status Filter: By default the value of All is selected, but you can choose to see only Open, For Review or Complete incidents using this tool

    • Search bar: Allows for searching a given incident by Title or Description. Works in combination with the value selected in the Quick Status Filter

    • Add Filters: Works in combination with Quick Status Filter and Search bar, filters that can be applied include:

      • Status
      • Unassigned: Yes/No
      • Assignee
      • Created by
      • Location

      All filtering options allow for selection of multiple values

    • Column Heading Sorting: By Default, Incidents are sorted by Date Occurred in ascending order, the sorting on a given column can be changed by clicking on the column heading.

      The columns that support for sorting include:

      • Report Title
      • Date Occurred
      • Date Created
    • Actions button on the far right of each incident entry: Described in the Incident actions section.

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