Incident actions (from list)

    • From the Incidents list, it is possible to perform the following actions on Incidents when clicking on the ellipsis button at the far right end of each entry:

      • Preview Report: The preview is generated in a new browser window and includes all the information that has been captured for the incident so far. If the Incident status is Open or For Review, the produced report will include a watermark indicating that this is only a Preview. This watermark is removed once a Preview is generated on a report with status Complete.
        • Print option: The top corner of the report preview presents a Print button, this allows you to access the print options from the browser and produce a paper copy of the Report as you see on screen, or use the PDF printer and produce a digital Print of the preview

      • Delete: Delete will trigger a confirmation dialog before the Delete action is completed.
        • Note: If you deleted the Incident in error, please Contact Support.
      • Edit (displayed only when Incident status is Open or For Review): The Edit option will open the right side drawer to allow for adjustment of the Incident main information as captured during Create.

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