Note: The Right Side Drawer is by default hidden on screens with a width resolution of less than 1530px, to access the panel, an option is made available on the Actions menu on the top right of the work area.

Activity Tracker

The Activity Tracker shows on the right side drawer as the default tab when viewing an Incident Entry and presents a list of entries starting from most recent to older ones with the following information:

  • User who performed the Action
  • Action performed
  • Date and Time the action was performed at

The actions listed include:

  • Incident creation
  • Status transition
  • Revisions
  • Incident Type changes

Report Listing

The report listing shows on the right side drawer by accessing the Reports tab on the right side of Activity.

The list of reports shows all generated reports each time an incident has been set as Complete in order from most recent report to older ones.

The information presented for each report includes:

  • Date and time the report was generated at
  • Incident Title, Revisions are listed as report subtitle
  • An Open icon that will trigger the report to open in a new browser tab
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