The current structure of the Incidents feature allows for 3 different states on each incident.

Open: Which indicates an Incident that has its initial Creation details captured. An Incident will remain in status Open unless is manually transitioned to any subsequent status.

For Review: This is an optional status. Use case: Larger organisations with Risk Management departments where incidents have to undergo the Review of a Corporate office member.

Complete: This is the final status of the Incident. At this point a final version of the Incident Report is produced without the Preview watermark in it. All the information that comprises the incident is now made read only. In the event any data is required to be modified, removed, or new details incorporated, the incident must be transitioned to Open.

*Note: Attempting to transition an Incident to For Review/Complete status will perform a validation on any additional question sets captured in the conditional form (if a conditional form is tied to the selected Incident Type). In case there are any questions marked as required in the conditional form that have not been completed, the transition to the next status will be withheld until the required information is provided.

This kind of validation is not executed when working in reverse from status Complete to Open*

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