This article provides a guide on efficiently managing work orders and make ready tasks within HappyCo. It covers how to separate and link tasks, ensuring proper visibility and organization on the project board.

Separating Work Orders and Make Ready Tasks

To separate work orders and make ready tasks, you can link the make ready work orders to existing projects within HappyCo. First, locate the specific work orders you want to move. Then, click on the work order and navigate to the 'Project - Stage / Link to Project' section. Here, you can link the work order to the appropriate project stage, which will move it from the maintenance work orders tab to the project tasks tab. This will allow you to view the work orders separately from the make ready tasks.

Linking Rating Buttons to the Project Board

To link rating buttons to a project board, the categories in the template must align with the stages on the project board. When a category is set up in the template, it can be mapped to a corresponding stage on the project board. This allows tasks associated with that category, such as a 'Project Task' button, to be automatically added to the matching stage on the project board when clicked.

Populating Make Ready Tasks on the Project Board

If you are experiencing issues with correctly populating Make Ready tasks on the project board, the solution is to ensure that all Make Ready tasks are properly linked to a project. Tasks that are not linked to a project will not appear on the project board, and may instead show up under the Maintenance tab or mixed in with regular Maintenance tasks. To resolve this, review your Make Ready tasks and confirm that they are properly associated with the correct project.

Units Not Appearing on the Project Board

If a unit does not appear on the Project Board even with an NTV entry, it may be because the available date is more than 30 days away. Units will only appear on the Project Board if the available date is within 30 days. To resolve this, check the available date for the unit and wait until it is within 30 days before it will appear on the Project Board.

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